Matt decides to move in with Lilian. Ruth and Shula make up but still some way to go with Alistair.

Radio Times: Lilian toasts a new era.

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  • Lilian is teasing Adam over the magi maze but he’s still hoping it will be a success. He’s putting the sign up now – right in view of Ambridge Hall. And the Porta Loos have turned up too. Lilian is looking forward to her celebrations with Matt as a free man again.
  • Shula and Ruth make up. It’s time to forgive and forget. They need to get on as a family without all these rows. Things don’t seem quite so easy between Alistair and Ruth. He’ll treat the animals if he has to but he’s not going to gossip with them on the Green. This is a professional relationship but that’s as far as it goes.
  • Ruth teases Usha on her jitterbug performance with Alan. Usha resists a little but admits he’s invited her out for the day to Hereford Cathedral.
  • Lilian and Matt have a great time out for dinner. The beginning of his new life without Yvette. He’ll put Honeysuckle Cottage on the market straight away. He suggests moving in with her. They could set up a real home together. She’s thrilled.
  • Alistair and Daniel have been making up a poster to offer Scruff a home. He knows he’s got to go. Shula tries to persuade Alistair to be less angry with Ruth and David. But he won’t move. He’s done what he has to do for Daniel’s sake.

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