Kenton wants to buy Jaxx himself. Tamsin dumps Tom.

Radio Times: Kenton gets down to business.

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  • Brenda is still thrilled about her University placed but Kenton is pretty miserable. Not only is he losing Brenda but might be losing the cafe. He’s still working on plan B. Tom hasn’t seen much of Tamsin recently but he is seeing her tonight.
  • Kenton is still brooding over the cafe when he meets Kathy for a drink. One of his plans is to sell his share in the farm. But David makes it clear that isn’t an option. He wanted it to buy Jaxx himself but David and Kathy are very sceptical.
  • Tamsin is pretty quiet when she sees Tom. She’s having a tough time at work. But Tom is sensing some negative vibes. Then she dumps him.

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