Fallon’s festival is a success but she won’t do it again.

Radio Times: Fallon fails to get into the festival spirit.

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  • Fallon’s festival is in full swing at The Bull. Dross are due to appear soon but Jazzer is drinking rather too heavily; an innocent remark by David about it affecting his ability to remember the words clearly touches a sensitive nerve.
  • The cricket team has won but Alistair has been very quiet and Sid feels he should be motivating the team. At least David scored two sixes to bring in some sponsorship money.
  • Fallon is already harassed when the sound stops abruptly – now what? Ed saves the day by finding the offending circuit breaker.
  • David gets the low-down on Tom’s love life; of course, it was a mutual decision – two busy people … It might be a bit awkward that she is still the buyer who deals with him but they are both professionals. He is about to embark on another round of in-store promotions – with help from Susan this time.
  • Jazzer, already the worse for wear, refuses to help set up for Dross’ appearance and then takes offence when Fallon, near the end of her tether, tells him he useless. He won’t sing then! Ed calms the situation and they go on but afterwards, Jazzer is not in a good mood. Never again! If Fallon ever has another idea like this, her friends have permission to shoot her.

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