Shula decides on action to resolve her family crisis.

Radio Times: The frost shows no signs of thawing at The Stables.

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  • The atmosphere at The Stables is still tense. Alistair was late to bed and late to rise and does not want Shula to fuss over him. When she asks if there has been any interest in Scruff, he is very short with her – and there has been no interest.
  • Mike is in a mood to chat but Adam needs to get on. The Magi-Maze opens on Saturday, although he hopes to delegate that to Alice, Amy and others. Alistair turns up, to look at Alice’s horse, but could find nobody at home. As they return to Home Farm, Alistair confides to Adam that he always seems to be doing what other people want; he would like to be able please himself for a change.
  • Having taken a wrong turning, Mike is late returning with the trailer to the combine harvester and Brian let’s him know it – time is money. He is saved from further tongue-lashing when Brian is called to an accident at the poly-tunnels.
  • One of the students was indulging in some horse-play on the strawberry trailer, fell off and (so the vet thinks) has broken his hand. He must be taken to casualty. Adam can’t do it. Brian can’t do it. Jenny is in Birmingham. Alistair saves the day by volunteering – he is in no rush to get back!
  • Shula feels the need of a chat with mum. She had thought that, when Alistair decided to go back to Brookfield, everything would be mended – but it is not so; if anything, it is worse – Alistair seems to hate Shula for it. Jill recommends that she has Daniel for a sleep-over so that the two of them can have a quiet dinner together. Make it tomorrow; Shula has got to do something and it had better be sooner than later.

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