Shula’s attempt to make amends fails miserably.

Radio Times: Alan’s day doesn’t go to plan.

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  • Their motor-bike visit to Hereford is a great success, although Alan had wondered whether Usha, being a Hindu, would relate to the cathedral.
  • It’s Jack’s 86th birthday and there is a succession of well-wishers. Ruth’s arrival sends Shula away, for a legitimate reason: she has a special meal to prepare.
  • Usha got carried away in the market and bought too much food; now there is a problem fitting it onto the bike. But there is an even bigger problem: the bike won’t start.
  • Alistair is rather surprised to find candles on the table and the best crockery in use; are they expecting visitors? He is very tetchy, even bristling at the news that Shula had heard on the bush telegraph about his good deed yesterday. She thought it was a nice thing to do, taking the student to hospital. Shula has pulled out all the stops to make this a nice evening but for Alistair she has pulled one too many: her claret is too good for a Tuesday and he changes it for a Shiraz.
  • Riding in a motor-bike transporter is a new experience for Usha. She ponders on the idea of returning the gesture with a ride in a prison van for Alan!
  • Jack and Peggy are enjoying a nice meal at Grey Gables. He has no second thoughts about selling Jaxx but is worried about his check-up.
  • Shula and Alistair are not having so much fun. He explains that his problem is not so much with what Ruth and David did but rather with Shula making him crawl back on his hands and knees; now he doesn’t even have any self-respect. He has no appetite for dessert, or coffee.

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