Tom loses his supermarket contract. Lynda offers Scruff a new home.

Radio Times: Lynda finds a new best friend.

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  • Kenton has been put on the spot because Jack’s solicitor has asked for the books so that he can assess the value of the café. The trouble is they are not as up-to-date as they might be. Kathy offers to help; she’s an angel and he knows he doesn’t deserve her. But first, there’s a birthday picnic for Jamie on Lakey Hill. Daniel arrives with Jamie and is quizzed by Lynda about responses to the poster about Scruff.
  • Tom’s promotion in Wiltshire is going well: they don’t have many samples left. Tamsin calls to say that they need to talk – urgently!
  • Kathy sets the book-keeping operation off on the right lines; later she has the second self-defence class. She wonders whether, with a loan to service, the finances will look so attractive.
  • Lynda’s aspiration for self-defence is to disable a man with a flick of the wrist (I would have thought the tongue in her case!). Before the class she has a word with Shula about Scruff; life is not the same without Hermes, so Lynda and Robert would like to take Scruff.
  • Back at the business units, Tom gets a visit from Tamsin. His efforts have been in vain: the decision has been made to de-list him as a supplier. The supermarket cannot sustain over 10% wastage so they are withdrawing his sausages from all their stores. This has nothing to do with her dumping him; anyway, she is off to a new post in East Anglia. He is a good operator and will bounce back. She is really sorry.

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