Tom seeks advice but he already knows what he must do to reduce his costs.

Radio Times: Tom becomes a friend in need.

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  • Eddie and Neil are making a start on Susan’s patio; she will be glad to see the back of all that mud. Lynda calls, having missed Susan at the self-defence class, just to check if she is alright. A chance remark, about having a new arrival to prepare for, leaves Eddie wondering if she is getting another llama.
  • Ruth is keen to have a bit of time with David before the kids break up – a place with shops and somewhere nice to eat. Tom phones; he needs advice and will come round later.
  • Eddie’s last car boot sale was on the day of the fete and consequently was not well attended; he actually contemplates seeking compensation from the fete committee – he must be joking. It’s time for a coffee break but Neil insists on making it – after taking off his boots!
  • Alistair and Daniel deliver Scruff to his new home. Alistair assures Lynda that Daniel knows it is for the best. Anyway, he can visit any time and could go for walks with Lynda too.
  • Tom explains his problem to David. The supermarket is (was) his biggest customer – 80% by value; the remaining 20% is not all sausages, it includes the prime cuts. They discuss his overheads, the premises, the equipment and the staff. He will work hard to find other outlets but he only has 12 weeks. David advises telling his mum and dad as soon as possible, and he must go to the bank to see what they say; unless he can find other customers, he will have to scale back. The biggest area for cutbacks is the staff; he will have to sack people. He had too many eggs in one basket.

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