Tom wrestles with his business problems; he is determined to win.

Radio Times: Emma misses out on the fun of the fair.

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  • Will and Emma (and George) are preparing for a trip to the Game Fair with Brian and Jennifer. Emma seems a bit harassed and not looking forward to it.
  • Tom is rushing off to a meeting with the bank, so evades Susan’s question about feedback from last week’s promotions.
  • Brian thinks it is a shame that Adam could not come to the Game Fair especially as there is a maize maze, but, as he is well aware, it is a busy time for Adam. Jennifer suggests that Brian should occasionally let Adam know that he considers him very capable and doing a good job. Brian and Will go their own way, leaving Emma with Jennifer; Emma is not delighted about this and eventually gives Jennifer the slip by declaring that George needs another feed. Who does she turn to on this frustrating day? Ed! She arranges another driving lesson with him for next Wednesday and she wishes he were there now.
  • Tom still hasn’t told Susan the truth about the business but when David calls he reports that the bank echoed David’s advice: sell everything and sack everybody. No! Tom is determined to get enough orders to carry on. His business is not going to fold.

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