Tom’s determined to sort his problems. Alistair’s determined to make Shula suffer.

Radio Times: The countdown begins for Tom.

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  • As Shula and Caroline saddle up for a ride, Alistair leaves for cricket. He’s polite to Caroline, but noticeably cool towards Shula.
  • Tom tells Roy about his problems with the sausages, but does his best to enjoy the game and forget his troubles for an hour or two.
  • Cynicism is in the air as Caroline hears about Matt moving in with Lilian. She imagines him leering over the marmalade, but can’t even begin to think about the amorous pair in the hot tub. Shula’s evasive about Alistair’s current attitude; she claims it’s due to overwork. But when Caroline suggests they have a night out together, Shula makes no comment.
  • Christopher’s excesses at the wicket cost Ambridge the match, and he has to take a lot of teasing in the pub afterwards. Tom pours his heart out to Roy. He’s determined to ring every supplier in the area, and make them take his sausages; he just can’t let someone as keen as Susan down. But he has a feeling that Tamsin has blacklisted him with other supermarkets.
  • Alistair doesn’t stay for a post-match beer, but does at least tell Shula something about the match. She tells him they’re invited to Caroline and Oliver’s for a meal on Thursday, and while Alistair doesn’t flatly refuse, he’s clearly not at all keen to go.

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