Nigel helps Alistair, Jill helps Shula and Robert helps Lynda.

Radio Times: Robert spots an escape route.

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  • Julia’s eye for detail has spotted a sick goat, so Alistair comes to look at her. He diagnoses Kenosis, and manages to catch it just in time, as she’s due to kid. A grateful Nigel tries to show solidarity with another non-Archer, but Alistair is initially frosty. Nigel’s charm melts the ice, however, and Alistair tells him how hurt he was by Shula’s interference and his own enforced climb-down to Brookfield. But when Phil turns up to help Nigel with the vines, the frost reappears.
  • Jill agrees to have Daniel for the night, so that Shula and Alistair can enjoy their meal at Caroline’s. Jill makes encouraging noises about them having an evening out together, but Shula’s not convinced. She puts a positive face on it, though.
  • Lynda floats off to a fund-raising meeting about the Cat and Fiddle, leaving Robert to keep an eye on Scruff, who has just devoured a large pie. Robert has work to do, and is not pleased. He’s even less pleased when Daniel appears and stays all morning playing with Scruff.
  • The fundraisers have run out of ideas, as Lynda tells Robert on her return. They’d like to spoof another reality TV programme, but have no inspiration. An irritated Robert mutters ‘Wife Swap’, and his idea is seized upon with joy by Lynda. She tells Robert he’s wonderful, and as she has half an hour before her shift at Grey Gables, she’d like to show him just how wonderful she finds him. Robert suddenly seems much more cheerful.

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