Emma realises what she’s missing. Bert accepts a challenge.

Radio Times: Bert rises to the challenge.

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  • Desperate to save his failing sausage empire, Tom offers Sid a 30% discount if he’ll increase his order. Faced with such an irresistible offer, Sid tells him to talk to Freda about quantities.
  • Brenda, Kirsty and Emma have a girls’ night at the Bull, but sit in the garden because Kirsty doesn’t want to see Tom. When Brenda tells her that Tamsin has dumped him, Kirsty cheers up greatly, and says she’s enjoying being single again. Emma’s openly envious, especially when Brenda tells them how much she’s looking forward to university life away from Ambridge. But poor Emma is having to adapt to the role of gamekeeper’s wife, as she discovered at the Game Show, and she’s not happy.
  • As Adam shows off the technology of the new combine, Bert is unimpressed. His sixth sense is superior to technological wizardry, he says. Every blade of grass and twig tells him something. David challenges Bert to demonstrate his supernatural powers in the magi-maze; Adam will be a witness. Bert has no choice but to accept.

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