Daniel keeps in touch with Scruff. Ed and Emma are bored with life. Tom’s determined to keep afloat.

Radio Times: Emma takes the driving seat.

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  • Daniel spends another morning at Lynda’s, playing with Scruff. Lynda appears to welcome his presence, and makes him some lemonade. She tells him wistfully about her own lonely childhood.
  • At Grey Gables, Roy is taken aback by Lynda’s racy posters for the Wife Swap fundraiser, but she assures him of its propriety. She and Robert will be the first to take part.
  • Ed gives Emma a driving lesson, but she’s anxious that no-one should know. She tells Ed how bored she is with her routine. Ed’s off to a party, but says he’s not keen to go; Emma thinks it would be wonderful. Ed really wants to do more travelling, but can’t see it happening. He, too, is stuck in Ambridge. When Emma asks him round that afternoon, he says he’ll come and play with George so Emma can get on with her chores – but only if Will’s not around.
  • Tom tells Roy he’s had some success in finding other outlets for his sausages. At first Roy’s impressed, but not when he discovers that the total of Tom’s new orders is only 8% of what he has lost to the supermarket. Tom’s upbeat, though; this is just the start.

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