Alistair deserts Shula and Bert’s sixth sense deserts him.

Radio Times: Alistair gets a better offer.

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  • It’s the day of Bert’s challenge. Adam leads him and a very sceptical Joe into the centre of the maze, so that Bert can demonstrate his much-vaunted sixth sense. Just in case, Adam gives him a sealed envelope containing a map, but Bert is above such things.
  • Oliver and Caroline put the finishing touches to the meal they’re giving Shula and Alistair, who are late.
  • Bert’s sixth sense seems to have deserted him, as he and Joe go round in circles. Joe’s in favour of ringing Adam, but Bert hasn’t brought his mobile.
  • Shula turns up on her own. Alistair had a last-minute call from Bank Farm, to a horse with colic. Oliver pours them all a drink while they wait for Alistair.
  • Joe goes off to answer the call of nature, and manages to crash through the maze and find Adam, who comes to Bert’s rescue. Unabashed, Bert claims that had the maze been made of beech rather than maize, he’d have found the way out easily.
  • The diners give up on Alistair, and start their meal, though the avocado starter has to be scrapped as it’s discoloured. Caroline and Oliver enthuse, somewhat tactlessly, about their holiday in Italy and their wonderful sense of togetherness. Shula goes very quiet.

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