Kenton wants to own his business, Tom wants to save his business and Alistair can think only of his business.

Radio Times: Tom is forced to eat humble pie.

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  • Kenton’s up-beat about the possibility of owning Jaxx, as he tells Ruth. His business plan is almost done, and he’s planning a loyalty card for his regular customers.
  • Helen calls at Bridge Farm for more stock, and finds Tom there. He begs her to take more sausages at the shop, and when she hears the facts about the supermarket order, she takes pity on him. She shows an uncharacteristic sisterly loyalty, but Tom won’t hear a word against Tamsin, and begs Helen not to tell Pat and Tony. He’s determined to keep fighting, and to rebrand his goods. Helen says she’ll do everything she can to help, although Kirsty might not be so well-disposed towards sausage promotions. Tom says he’ll talk to Kirsty.
  • At the end of surgery, Shula suggests lunch to Alistair, but he’s far too busy. Still trying to restore harmony, Shula suggests looking at some holiday brochures together after supper. Why, asks Alistair coldly, is Shula planning to take Daniel away? She does her best to make Alistair see that he needs a break, but Alistair won’t listen. He’s already lost clients, and he’s got to work even harder. Surely Shula can see that.
  • Tom plucks up courage to ask Kirsty about the sausage promotion. She says it’s up to Helen, but if necessary, she’ll go along with it. Whatever has happened between them, she wouldn’t like to see Tom bankrupt, though she’s glad Tamsin made a fool of him, just as Tom did to her. Tom’s relief is evident, but Kirsty tells him not to get the wrong idea; she’s doing it just as a friend.

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