Tom is still struggling to find new outlets. Adam and Ian are going to view Honeysuckle Cottage. Sam doesn’t seem as close to Fliss as before

Radio Times: Pat’s maternal instincts kick in.

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  • Bert is still blaming Jo and the type of maize for failing to get around Adam’s magi maze. But the punters seem to like it. Which is more than can be said for Lynda’s wife swap plans. The Snells are the only ones with their names down.
  • Tom is still trying hard to get new outlets. Pat and Tony are a bit worried about how hard he’s working though. They are also surprised Kirsty is happy to help with the promotion in the shop. Pat tries to test if Helen knows anything about Tom and Tamsin, but Helen doesn’t give a clear answer. He’s definitely putting on a brave face about something.
  • Adam and Ian are going to have a look at Honeysuckle Cottage to see if it’s suitable. Price is a bit high but they might be able to do a deal with Matt. The sponsorship has certainly got the cricket team fired up. Roy even manages to break a window in the Pavilion. At least they won – should have been more but they got a bit carried away.
  • Ruth is training Prince again. He’s looking good and may have a chance at the Show. Need to keep practising though. Things are a little bit better with Alistair, not a lot of chit chat but he seems to be getting used to it. They will have to celebrate Sam’s birthday too – he’s not seeing Fliss. They don’t seem to be making the same effort they used to make.

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