Emma decides she can’t have any more driving lessons with Ed. Alistair books Shula a holiday in Paris, but only for her and Daniel.

Radio Times: Emma is in the party spirit.

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  • Neil and Susan are getting ready for Emma’s 21st on Sunday. Emma is looking forward to going clubbing. She persuaded William she didn’t want another meal.
  • Ed gives Emma another driving lesson when she is nearly caught out by Jill. She decides she can’t risk anymore and Ed is very upset. She hopes she’s persuaded him to come to her birthday clubbing night though.
  • Nigel drops by to see Alistair who is still out. He is worried about Julia’s plans to host the Borchester Fine Arts Society AGM on Thursday. But when Alistair comes back he turns on Shula for asking for some help and Shula is furious for him embarrassing her in front of Nigel. She screams how he isn’t the only one with work problems. He is rather taken aback.
  • Alistair makes up by showing her her birthday present on the computer – trip to Paris and Poitiers. Shula is thrilled until she realises that Alistair has only booked for her and Daniel. That’s not so good.

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