Sam is worried about the expensive mountain board he gets for his birthday from Fliss. Stephen suggests taking over the Herefords but David says the time isn’t right.

Radio Times: David practises his diplomacy.

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  • Sam has received a rather large and curiously shaped parcel for his birthday. It’s a mountain board – plus all the kit from Fliss. Sam is a bit guilty about the money she’s spent. He’s not sure why she spends more money the less they see of each other.
  • Lynda is worried about her plans for “Move Over Darling”. The posters have been up for a week but there are no volunteers. She thinks it’s because she’s put herself and Robert at the top of the list and no one wants to spend a day with Robert. Alan sounds a little more sceptical. He agrees to try to drum up some interest though.
  • Still a high cell count in the dairy herd but Stephen thinks they can get on top of it. Then Stephen suggests he might help out with one of the Herefords that is in a lot of pain rather than waiting for Alistair. Stephen suggests taking them on permanently too but David explains he can’t.

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