Kirsty and Sam have fun on his mountain board. Tom has a chance to supply a chain of gastro pubs.

Radio Times: Kirsty hits the slopes.

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  • Emma is wondering about when she could go back to work but finding child care on her wages will be hard. Roy thinks she should push for a rise. That seems to be his role at the moment – acting as business consultant. He’s been helping out Tom and Kirsty blurts out he’s lost the supermarket contract.
  • Alistair tries to drum some responsibility into the cricket team at nets. David and Alistair manage some half hearted conversation. Neil and Susan have bought Emma a course of driving lessons for her birthday – the perfect present for a new Mum.
  • Kirsty comes across Sam playing with his mountain board. He persuades her to have a go. She has a great time and there seems to be a spark with Sam.
  • Neil finally catches up with Tom. He’s really impressed with how busy he is. Must show that Tom Archer sausages are going places.
  • Brenda sympathises with Tom although he stresses she must keep it secret. She wants to be supportive though. He feels he’s been a total idiot. He may have a chance with a chain of gastro pubs – he’s got an appointment on Friday. After Brenda’s pep talk he’s beginning to get a good feeling about the meeting.

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