Lewis and Julia’s first hosting evening is a success and Nigel asks them to take over for a few days.

Radio Times: Julia’s left holding the fort.

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  • Lewis and Julia are hosting their first event – the Borchester Fine Arts Society AGM. Nigel is a bit anxious. Julia is more concerned about whether Claude Hopkins (the speaker) is related to Johnny. Turns out Johnny was a local art dealer and Julia wants to talk about him but Lewis has to interrupt her to stop her taking over.
  • Kathy is planning a meal for Kenton and Shula’s birthday although Kenton is expecting Shula to produce the wine – nothing cheap though! Kenton has his appointment with the bank tomorrow.
  • Nigel and Lizzie are at the casino with Tim Beecham – he’s already lost £300. Lizzie seems to have something on her mind though…. They rush back but there was no need. It was a success. Then Nigel suggests they take over Lower Loxley for a few days so Nigel and Lizzie can have a break. They are thrilled to be asked.
  • Caroline is surprised that Shula is going on holiday alone but Shula says Alistair really can’t get away. Caroline stresses that holidays are the best tonic for any relationship so next time they must get away together!

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