Tom is facing up to the fact his business is going under and he has to sack Neil and Susan.

Radio Times: Tom is forced to bite the bullet.

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  • Adam and Ian liked Honeysuckle Cottage. Now they need to hope Matt is flexible. Jennifer meantime is worried about Peggy. She’s exhausted looking after Jack but won’t go away without him.
  • Alan is not having much luck in persuading couples to take part in the wife swap although he has persuaded Sid and Jolene and Bert and Freda. But Ruth finally gives in. She’ll persuade David.
  • Kenton thinks the bank were impressed. He won’t here til next week but he’s sure it will be positive.
  • Jennifer wants to help Adam and Ian buy Honeysuckle but Brian thinks it’s too “public”. What about the hot tub! Surely they’d want somewhere ….errr…. less central, more out of the way. But Jennifer isn’t having it. He was prepared to help Debbie and Simon so he should help Adam and Ian. Or does he see a difference?
  • Tom got nowhere with his chain of gastro pubs. All they wanted was as cheap as possible. He’s got to face facts. He’s not going to be able to pull this round. He’s going to have to sack Neil, Jazzer and Susan and he’s got to tell Pat and Tony.

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