Tom faces his parents and reveals his predicament.

Radio Times: Tom is forced to downsize.

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  • Engrossed in their weeding, Tony and Pat are bemoaning the absence of Tom; of course he hasn’t told anyone where he was going. Right on cue, he turns up in an old car and seeking a word with his parents.
  • It’s Emma’s birthday and she has been showered with presents, including driving lessons from her parents, who are currently bringing another surprise – cake and champagne.
  • Tom explains his predicament, from his dumping at the hands of Tamsin to the subsequent de-listing which comes into effect in October. Tony is angry that he should have been so stupid. Tom knows that he must now tell his staff, to warn them, even though he intends to turn things round.
  • Clarrie too is engaged on cake duties, leaving Eddie and Joe to reveal the ‘manual’ they are writing for the Wife Swap event, with some things that Clarrie would never accept – they’ll be lucky.
  • Tom has it all worked out. Susan will be off like a shot if she can find an office job. He will do more work himself with the pigs and the packing. Only Maurice is vital, so Tom will try to persuade him to work part-time. Pat and Tony are surprised that he owes as much as £40K but they cannot let him go under. They must find a way to help that will not bankrupt their own business.

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