Tom’s secret is out. The Carters feel he has lied to them.

Radio Times: Neil and Susan tighten their belts.

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  • As they work together on the pigs, Neil recounts to Tom how much they spent on Emma’s birthday. Eventually Tom succeeds in broaching the subject of his business problems. Neil is furious and refuses to accept that Tom has known only for a week. He lied; why should Neil ever trust him again.
  • Pat and Tony believe they have a way forward – taking Tom’s products into the Bridge Farm label. Tom has done a lot of things right; they must be positive. Tony arranges a meeting with the bank next Wednesday.
  • Susan takes her opportunity to vent her anger on Tom; he is a big-headed, big talking nobody. All he can say is ‘sorry’ but this is clearly not enough for Susan.
  • Neil is more positive than Susan: he has already phoned Brian about work at Home Farm. Susan will do any kind of work, even the canning factory, to keep their lives together and show Tom that he cannot bring them down. It’s all his fault; he lied to them. They really should not have to repay his loan.
  • In the Bull, Tom finds that his whisky is served with ice, even though he has not asked for it, so frosty is Clarrie’s reception. It’s not his fault and he will do everything he can to make sure that the worst does not happen. Telling Neil and Susan was the worst thing he has ever had to do.

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