Emma celebrates her birthday and Will has to take a back seat to Ed.

Radio Times: Emma comes of age.

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  • Peggy would like to meet up with her old friend Muriel in London but she feels she cannot leave Jack.
  • Kenton is cooking for Kathy and they are expecting Shula and Alistair for dinner, before Shula goes on holiday. Kenton is impatient to hear the result of his application to the bank. Meanwhile he is secretly pleased that Shula’s marital difficulties are all down to “Golden Boy” Dave.
  • Emma is preparing to celebrate her birthday but is feeling guilty in the light of her parents’ misfortune. Tonight they resolve to forget about Tom.
  • Tom has decided that the only way out of his present troubles is another loan from his Gran on top of the £10K and the £3K last month. Peggy is not sure; she wants a couple of days to think about it. When Tom has gone, she and Jack resolve that the only way Peggy will get her trip to London is for Jack to stay at Home Farm, which he is willing to do.
  • Emma is pleased that Ed has come to her party. He is at a bit of a loose end now Emma has stopped the driving lessons. She turns down a dance from Will but he cannot help noticing that her feet are not too tired to dance with Ed. Brenda escapes to ring Kirsty: she would not believe what Ed and Emma are like.

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