Alistair discovers a further incursion into his territory and Ruth discovers his renewed pre-occupation with poker.

Radio Times: Tom is lacking in parental support.

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  • At Brookfield, Ruth has had a sudden attack of domesticity, fuelled by a desire not to let the incoming “Life Swap” wife see the full horror of how the Archers live.
  • Peggy has asked Tony to call because she wants to talk about Tom. Tony is appalled to learn that he has recently borrowed £3K and now wants more! He has overstepped the mark and lending him more would not be a good idea. Peggy is relieved and can look forward to her little holiday next week.
  • Alistair is treating an eye infection in one of the cattle when he learns that David has already disposed of the one suffering from a hip problem: Stephen happened to be here and the beast was suffering, so he signed the certificate.
  • Tony calls on Tom to find him alone in the unit: his staff are now doing the minimum and clearing off. Tony outlines his plan to bring Tom’s sausages under the Bridge Farm label, to build the business slowly under his guidance and to have him more involved in other aspects of the farm. Tom is not impressed. Tony tears him off a strip for trying to extract more money from his Gran. Clearly he has a lot to think about.
  • Alistair reports to Shula, ringing from her holiday in France, how “Saint Stephen” has invaded what is left of his Brookfield duties. Ruth calls unexpectedly to return Daniel’s cagoule which must have been at Brookfield for months. She cannot help notice the poker game on Alistair’s computer screen. He claims it is just a pop-up that he cannot get rid of – but when he is left alone, it is quite clear that it is nothing of the sort …

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