The Life Swap draw pairs Lynda with David, Jolene with Oliver and Freda with Eddie.

Radio Times: David gets an exercise in diplomacy.

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  • As they prepare for the “Life Swap” draw, David and Ruth explore the candidates and explain to Jill with whom they would, and would not, like to be paired. It will do them no good; Jill will be scrupulously honest as ever. Why is Jennifer here? Surely she would not dare to let Brian loose with anyone, especially Caroline.
  • Ed and Jazzer have a mutual moan about life in Ambridge which leads to a resolution by Ed to return to Hungary – and Jazzer fancies accompanying him.
  • Without any serious nagging, it seems that Brian has agreed to help Adam with the deposit on Honeysuckle cottage. While Shula is away, Jill has invited Alistair but he seems happy with his own company. Lynda is bent on saying a few words before the draw, about the Cat & Fiddle, but she is shouted down. Caroline and Oliver are paired with Sid and Jolene, so there will be a new face behind the bar one night next week. Ruth and David are paired with – Oooh nooo – Robert and Lynda Snell.
  • Short of cash, Ed and Jazzer are hopeful that Eddie is in sufficient of a good mood to buy them a pint. People in Ambridge are so boring, e.g. Will and Tom. They decide on a little diversion with a spray can to liven things up.
  • Lynda assures Ruth that Robert is not an ogre – she has no reassurance to offer David! Lynda’s manual is copious; has Ruth written hers? Inexplicably, Lynda is curious about what Jill will be exhibiting in the Flower & Produce show this year. Eddie is indeed in a good mood in anticipation of 24 hours of Freda’s cooking.

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