Kenton gets the thumbs down from the bank – but Kathy still loves him.

Radio Times: It’s judgement day for Kenton.

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  • Kenton is on edge: today he will learn the bank’s decision about his business plan. He has high hopes.
  • Emma is finding driving William’s big car difficult. It was easier in a small car – oops, will be easier in a driving school car; Will seemed to miss the slip. He is planning something special for their anniversary; he is so happy – let’s have another baby!
  • Tom has found Jazzer’s graffiti and is in no doubt who has done it. Most of the village seem to share his sentiments; he tells Brenda that she and Roy are among the few who are still talking to him.
  • William is not so happy now: his idea did not receive the answer he expected. For Emma it is too soon; it would spoil their enjoyment of George. She would have to do all the work and William doesn’t realise what it would mean for her. She looks forward to taking George to exciting places. Will knows just the place – Great Yarmouth. (Not quite what she had in mind!)
  • Kenton returns, tail between legs, to report to Kathy; he declares himself a useless, naive, optimistic fool. The bank turned him down flat; they could not find a single positive thing to say about his plan. At 47, they were not impressed that he has no security – nothing to his name. Kathy does a fine job of putting him back together: to her he is warm and funny and caring. He is really good at managing the place; did he really want the hassle of owning it – look at Tom.
  • Tom explains to Brenda how things stand with his parents and their offer to rescue his business. They have left him little choice – he needs cash. Their offer is generous but he knows what it would be like; he would have no independence. No, his father can stick his offer.

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