Tom won’t listen to his parents, and the cricket team won’t. listen to Alistair.

Radio Times: Ruth puts her foot in it.

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  • Tom’s still desperately trying to hang on to what remains of his business, and is going to miss cricket to chase a possible outlet. Tony’s attempts to be sympathetic continue to end up as sniping.
  • It looks as though Darrington will beat Ambridge hands down, with all the Ambridge players keen to hit reckless sixes. Everyone except Alistair thinks it’s great fun.
  • Ruth drops in to Bridge Farm for some ice cream, and accidentally reveals that she and David knew about Tom’s predicament weeks ago. Pat is visibly upset, and Ruth’s efforts to talk herself out of the hole she’s dug are unconvincing.
  • Tom returns in downcast mood; the Crown wasn’t interested in his sausages. Pat tries to bolster his confidence, but Tony charges in and wrecks her efforts by having a major go at Tom, telling him he has no choice but to market the sausages under the Bridge Farm label. Tom finally snaps. He’s had enough, he says. He’s got vision, and that doesn’t fit the Bridge Farm pattern. He just wants to get away.

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