Lynda plays the domestic goddess, and Ruth enjoys some peace and quiet.

Radio Times: David gets a new wife.

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  • It’s the day of the wife-swap at Brookfield, and while Ruth is looking forward to relaxation and luxury at Ambridge Hall, David is less enthusiastic about the prospect of Lynda’s arrival.
  • Brenda calls at the business units to see how Tom is, and he tells her about his row with Tony and Pat. But there’s one piece of better news; Maurice has agreed to go part-time. Susan continues to glower and fume over the shrink wrapping.
  • Lynda brings a suitcase of games, but is taken aback when she discovers that Pip is at Izzy’s and the boys have gone swimming with Phil and Jill. She’s very disapproving of Ruth’s failure to compile a household manual, but soon sets to work washing the kitchen floor and retrieving long-lost items from behind the fridge.
  • At Ambridge Hall, Ruth takes Scruff for a walk, then settles down to a quiet glass of wine with Robert. She doesn’t want to phone and check on the family; it’s far too pleasant in Lynda’s garden.
  • Lynda’s plan to prepare nursery tea is thwarted by Jill buying the boys a burger at the pool, and David says he’ll put Ben to bed. Lynda offers to massage David’s feet, and suddenly he thinks that it might, after all, be a good idea for Lynda to put Ben to bed. She does a magnificent job, sending Ben to sleep with a story of the llama princess.
  • Robert plays (and wins) a rather alcoholic game of chess, then he and Ruth head off to say goodnight to the llamas.

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