Emma faces up to a life of boredom and Tom faces up to life at Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Tom gets off his high horse.

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  • Emma regales Kirsty at Jaxx with an account of her driving lesson. Kirsty tells her that she’s off mountain boarding with Sam later. A wistful Emma says she’d like a bit of excitement; she thinks she’ll live in the same house for the rest of her life – Will’s world is Ambridge.
  • The atmosphere between Tom and Pat is still tense. She tries to make him see that she and Tony are only doing what parents do – worrying about their offspring, but when she says what she thinks of Tamsin, Tom flounces out.
  • David’s looking for Kenton, who as usual, is nowhere to be seen, so he joins the girls. Kirsty asks what time Sam will finish work, and David confesses that they spent the previous evening playing Cluedo and eating sherbet lemons with Lynda.
  • Tom has to endure yet more unpleasantness when he gives Neil a hand with the pigs, and has to point out that he’ll be reducing the number. With a certain sense of satisfaction, Neil points out that they are almost out of weaner pellets, and until Tom pays the feed merchant, they won’t be getting any more. A chastened Tom has to ask Tony to let him have some on the Bridge Farm account.
  • Pat makes a delivery to the shop, and unburdens herself to a somewhat unsympathetic Kirsty. She tells Pat firmly that while Pat is still her friend, Tom means nothing; he’s history now.
  • Tony is secretly pleased that Tom has had to climb down. He thinks it’s a sign that he’ll come round eventually and throw in his lot at Bridge Farm. Pat agrees, but is sad that Kirsty is no longer part of the scene; she’s off to pastures new.

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