Jennifer deals with another crisis.

Radio Times: Chaos descends on Home Farm.

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  • Jack arrives for his stay at Home Farm, but has difficulty in remembering why he’s there or where Peggy has gone.
  • Ian gives Adam a hand on the farm, but wishes they could have a proper holiday together. Adam suggests they ask Shula’s advice about getting the survey done on Honeysuckle Cottage, and they discuss furniture. Distracted by thoughts of his new life with Ian, Adam only half listens when Alice asks if a ‘couple of’ friends can come to the maze when it’s shut, and says it’s fine.
  • When Ian calls at the house for a swim, Jack’s increasingly confused, and forgets once again why he’s there. Jennifer does a great job in keeping Jack happy and fed and making Ian feel part of the family.
  • Alice’s ‘couple of’ friends turns out to be a full-scale party, complete with gate-crashers. A furious Brian phones Adam at the Bull, telling him to come and sort things out. Ian and Adam go straight to the maze to turn the party-goers out, but Alice and Amy are caught – very drunk – raiding Brian’s cellar and adding greatly to Jack’s confusion. Once again Jennifer does a great job, calming Brian and packing the two culprits off to bed. Then she makes Jack his cocoa.

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