Oliver takes on more than he can manage at the wife swap.

Radio Times: Oliver resists temptation.

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  • At the shop, Susan is in bitter mode, sniping at Sid over his imminent wife swap experience and then complaining to Jennifer about the noise from the magimaze. When that’s done to her satisfaction, she thumbs through the situations vacant.
  • Jolene’s day as Caroline’s replacement at Grey Gables isn’t entirely to her taste. Jack reproves her for her choice of makeup, earrings and hairstyle, and she manages a spat with an aristocratic guest.
  • Furious about the damage to the magimaze, Adam has closed it for the day, and is making Alice work there when it reopens as a punishment for her drunken spree.
  • Sid’s beginning to think the wife swap isn’t such a good idea when Caroline asks pertinent questions about profit margins and wastage. He has a moan to Alistair, and they agree that middle-age isn’t entirely to their taste. But Sid does manage to cheer Alistair up by offering to pay for the rest of the school cricket project. That way Alistair can back out of his agreement with the drug company and stop the team hitting all those sixes.
  • Jolene enjoys vamping Oliver, who becomes more and more embarrassed. She asks if she can shower in his bathroom rather than bathe in her own, and proceeds to paint her toenails (and offer to do his) after sharing a take-away. When Caroline rings at 10.30, Oliver is desperate to escape from Jolene’s clutches; he so wishes Caroline was there.

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