The Grundys seize the moment and Tom finally faces facts.

Radio Times: Eddie sees how the other half live.

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  • Joe and Eddie use Clarrie’s absence at work to rewrite the wife-swap manual to their advantage. But when Clarrie gets home, she has some news; Lynda has had to re-arrange the pairings, and in place of Freda the Grundys are to get Lilian. The menfolk wonder how Lilian will manage to cook the skinned rabbit that’s in the fridge.
  • Poor Tom has had a solicitor’s letter. He needs to raise £9000 to keep out of trouble. Brenda is sympathetic, and has some good suggestions to make, but it’s no use. There’s no possibility of a get-out clause in the lease for the business units, the machinery is mainly leased anyway and the feed company is taking him to court for non-payment – so Tom knows he will have to climb down and accept his parents’ offer.
  • The Grundy’s evening turns out to be far better than they thought. Lilian couldn’t cope with the rabbit, so she treats Joe and Eddie to a four course meal at the Mont Blanc. When Clarrie phones, Eddie claims that they had to have chips from the van. But Clarrie’s having a good time, too. Matt has gone out, leaving her to enjoy the hot tub and invite Susan to share it. They feel like footballers’ wives – almost. And tomorrow, Matt’s taking her to the races.
  • Joe and Eddie have to share a bed, while Lilian sleeps in Joe’s room. As they drift off to sleep, Eddie reflects that despite Lilian’s money, he wouldn’t swap Clarrie for anyone. The place is just not the same without her.

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