Peggy is thinking of asking Jack for a power of attorney and Brian is thinking of working with Tom.

Radio Times: Brian does some talent spotting

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  • The cricket team is short of people due to harvest. And people like Neil and Tom won’t have their minds on the job. It’s very bad luck for Tom. Just made a few bad decisions. Maybe Pat and Tony will bail him out. Adam is having to think about where to butcher the venison if Tom does go under. Brian thinks he might be able to help out – it’s a good product and could be mutually beneficial. Could well be worth considering.
  • Sid and Jamie have taken up running again. They need to keep fit – especially now he’s running the cricket team at Loxley Barratt.
  • Amy and Alice have been to apologise to Jack for their behaviour at the party. Of course, he’d completely forgotten. Sometimes it’s a blessing. Jennifer tells Peggy how much she admires her for looking after Jack. She’d like to do more to help practically. Peggy doesn’t think she needs any help at the moment but she is wondering about getting a power of attorney.
  • The life swaps seem to have all gone well – even David’s. Ben loved her and she cooked a lovely meal. Only trouble was she used Jill’s prize marrows in the recipe! David hasn’t quite got round to telling her.
  • The flower and produce show is once again the talk of the village. Maybe some of the newcomers from Grange Spinney will have a chance

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