Sam doesn’t seem to fussed about his visit to his girlfriend. Brian suggests some help to Tom.

Radio Times: Lynda seeks some self-publicity.

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  • Sam’s back from his trip to Cheshire. Fliss is too busy for a trip down at the moment. He used the chance to look at a dairy farm to see some expansion plans – Fliss had been called into work. He doesn’t seem too bothered.
  • Lynda is thinking about putting her house forward for a photo shoot makeover in Borchester Life. She thinks they will be very interested in her kitchen. Susan thinks they might be interested in hers but Lynda thinks it is before and after shots they will be interested in.
  • Tom tells Susan he’s decided to accept Pat and Tony’s offer. She isn’t impressed and is already looking around for other jobs. Then Tom gets a call from Brian – there is something he wants to discuss.
  • Brian tells Tom he thinks he might be able to help out. He’ll make a quick decision once he’s had a look at the books.

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