Jill thinks Lynda is sabotaging her for the Flower and Produce Show. Hazel turns up out of the blue.

Radio Times: An old face returns to Ambridge.

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  • Ruth and David are looking forward to supper after Jill has been to the supermarket for them. Then they remember, if they aren’t very quick Jill will find the evidence of Lynda’s marrow bake in the freezer! She finds it anyway though and decides it’s a deliberate plot by Lynda to ruin her entry in the Flower and Produce show.
  • Peggy raises the idea of a power of attorney with Jack but he isn’t impressed. He won’t hear another word on the subject.
  • Things still aren’t any better at the Stables. Shula still thinks Alistair isn’t pulling his weight.
  • Jill presses Peggy to find out what classes Lynda is entering in the Show. She’s sure it’s sabotage. When out of the blue, Hazel arrives in a taxi.

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