Brian agrees to rescue Tom’s business for a half share, but Tom will lose his organic status.

Radio Times: Jill prepares for battle.

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  • Hazel is surprised at the change in her father. She’s planning to stay for a few days to give her Dad some TLC. She accuses Peggy of not being in contact about Jack’s illness but Peggy says she had not contact details. She’s pretty fed up at her turning up out of the blue. Jack suggests a sudden supper party for the family to meet Hazel. Peggy isn’t impressed.
  • Brian’s reasonably impressed at the increase in Tom’s small orders. The business is basically very sound – except for the supermarket. He made mistakes by putting everything into that contract but he sees possibilities for the expansion of Hassett Hills. Perhaps with the venison too.
  • Susan thinks she might get the job at the Laurels. But Emma is very disappointed. That means there is no chance she can look after George so Emma won’t be able to go back to work. She’s going to be stuck.
  • Jill is continuing her vendetta against Lynda. She’s been stalking her to check if she’s growing marrows too. And she is! That’s the proof! Jill will see her off yet! There has been a definite offer for the cafe but Kenton will still have a job. The new prospective owner doesn’t want to make any changes for the present.
  • Brian is prepared to buy into the business for a half share. He could keep the brand name but he would have to move the pigs to Home Farm – so Tom would lose his organic status. Tom is initially reluctant but then agrees.

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