Tony and Pat are furious with Tom for compromising his organic principles

Radio Times: Tom dispenses with family loyalty.

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  • Tom breaks the news to Pat and Tony that he’s going in with Brian. They are shocked about him turning his back on being organic. They try to reach a compromise but it’s a done deal. Tony is convinced he’s making a mistake but Tom still doesn’t think they get it. He wants to be allowed to make his mistakes.
  • Caroline is planning a team building exercise in the magimaze and Lynda is worried it might clash with her Borchester Life article – she hasn’t had confirmation of the date yet. Shula tells her Caroline has been approached by them though. She’s not interested though.
  • Tony and Pat are furious with Brian. He should have discussed it with them before approaching Tom. They are taking advantage of him. Brian’s got no right to take over his son’s business. He wants to have a go at Brian but Pat tries to convince him to calm down.
  • Lynda thinks she’s being sympathetic with Shula over their “sticky patch”. She offers to take care of Daniel if it would help. Shula is most affronted.
  • Roy tries to suggest to Tom that maybe marketing the sausages under the Bridge Farm name would have been sensible but Tom sees it as an excuse. He also warns Tom that Brian is a business man who likes to run things his own way. But Tom thinks he’s got it all worked out.

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