Emma is getting more and more fed up. Hazel is staying on for longer. Tom is surprised to find he’s back as pig man instead of entrepreneur.

Radio Times: Emma has an anniversary to forget.

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  • Hazel is treating Jack and Peggy to lunch at Grey Gables. She is quite impressed by the changes. She’s surprised Caroline is still around too. She has so little experience of other establishments. Hazel then announces she’s planning onto stay a little longer.
  • Emma is not enjoying her wedding anniversary. Why did William take her to such a dull place? Kenton isn’t impressed she’s taking all her maternity leave either. Will doesn’t seem to realise how depressed Emma is she can’t go back to work. He thinks it’s just the money and she should enjoy the time off.
  • Tom is looking brighter now he’s got the deal with Brian. Ed sees it all as the Archers taking care of each other but Tom thinks Brian must think it’s a good business proposition.
  • Emma bumps into Ed while she’s picking up George. He tries to cheer her up but doesn’t get very far. She’s got no where to go and nothing to do.
  • Tom is pleased with the draft agreement. Then he starts realising things aren’t going to be quite that easy – he’s going to have to be pig man and sausage maker for the foreseeable future.
  • Alice has done well in her GCSEs. Brian still wishes she would stay on at her school rather than going to the College but she won’t do too badly if she takes after Jennifer. While Peggy is finding Hazel is, as usual, proving to be rather more trouble.

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