Hazel makes life difficult for Peggy. Brian makes life difficult for Pat and Tony.

Radio Times: Alarm bells start ringing for Peggy.

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  • Pat and Tony have had a sleepless night over Tom’s decision to abandon his principles and throw his lot in with Brian. Pat’s concern is that he’ll leave home – he didn’t come back last night after his night out with Ed and Jazzer; Tony’s concern is that they’ll have no-one to take over the organic business they have worked so hard to establish.
  • In a blatant effort to lessen Peggy’s influence over in Jack, Hazel produces croissants for breakfast, and loses no time in setting her persuasive powers to work. She says it’s unfair to burden Peggy with his business concerns at her time of life. Jack is quick to defend Peggy, but Hazel is ready for it, and hints that Peggy’s family are influencing her.
  • A memorial service and dedication of a churchyard bench for a fellow parish-councillor at Locksley Norton gives Ruth and David the idea of a similar occasion in George’s memory. Ruth is concerned that things may not be right between Sam and Fliss; David takes a more predictably male view of the situation; he hasn’t noticed anything wrong.
  • As Peggy gets lunch, Hazel confronts her. She claims her father is unhappy because he’s worried about his business interests, and she has decided to take a greater interest in them before he deteriorates further.
  • Peggy feels herself caught between the Aldridges and Pat and Tony. She tells Pat she realises how difficult things must be for them. And how is Peggy coping with Hazel, asks Pat. With patience, replies Peggy, and I hope she’s not staying much longer.

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