Hazel has plans to stay; Ed has plans to move on.

Radio Times: Hazel aims for the high life.

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  • Hazel tries some emotional blackmail on Jack, with instant success. Saying wistfully that he was never around in her childhood, Hazel says she would like to spend more time with him – but it’s not fair on Peggy, at her age. Jack falls for Hazel’s ploy, and says he will pay for her to stay at Grey Gables.
  • Caroline is off to work, leaving Oliver to entertain their latest foster-child, Nick. Chatting to Ed, Oliver says he’d like to see more of his grandchildren. Why not go to New York then, says Ed. Oliver thinks it’s a great idea, and Ed says he’d like to do more travelling, but not to Hungary this time – he’s got his sights set on Australia and its sunshine, sand, beer and babes.
  • Wasting no time, Hazel confronts Caroline and demands the Garden Suite. In icy professional mode, Caroline tells her it’s fully booked. But that’s not good enough for Hazel, who demands that the guest be moved elsewhere.
  • Caroline phones Peggy to see what’s going on. Peggy knows nothing of the arrangement, but goes to find Jack, who has seen a parrot in a poplar tree. When Peggy asks what Hazel is up to, Jack just says she must have the suite if she wants it, and he’ll pay.

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