Pat tells Brian what she thinks of him. Adam looks forward to a rosy future. Tom discovers that things are not altogether what they seemed.

Radio Times: Julia prepares to hold the fort.

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  • Brian calls at Bridge Farm to take Tom to his creditors meeting, and gets a very dusty reception from Pat, who accuses him of being unprincipled. Brian retorts that it’s just Pat’s pride that’s at issue. A furious row ensues.
  • When Pat meets Adam in the village shop, she’s barely polite to him, but Adam points out that Brian’s business ventures are nothing to do with him. Later, as he and Ian look over Matt’s furniture in Honeysuckle cottage, Adam says he’s not in the least bothered by either Brian or Pat – all he cares about is his future with Ian.
  • Tom’s very impressed with the way Brian handled the creditors meeting – until Brian tells him that he must pay £10,000 himself. The only good news is that Brian will take it out of Tom’s wages.
  • At Lower Loxley, Julia can’t wait for Nigel and family to set off on holiday, so that she and Lewis can run things in Julia’s own way. Ruth calls round with Lily’s doll, and is treated to an earful of Julia’s opinion of Elizabeth. Knowing only too well what Julia might get up to, Elizabeth has left detailed instructions for running things. As Lewis wisely says, he and Julia will just have to sit back and watch it happen.

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