Jill sizes up the opposition and Hazel finds an ally.

Radio Times: Jill does some detective work.

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  • Hazel’s ‘quality time’ with Jack appears to consist of finding fault with his business ventures – in this case the village shop, which Hazel sees as a lost opportunity for profit, while Jack sees it as a service to the community.
  • Lynda loses no time in seeking to ingratiate herself with Hazel by inviting her and Jack to look over Ambridge Hall (with an emphasis on her Borsetshire Life appearance) and stay for lunch in return for giving feedback on her creative endeavours.
  • Ruth is delighted that Julia has placed an order for a whole Hereford, but is interrupted by Jill, with a cunning plan. They are to go to Ambridge Hall where Ruth will act as decoy while Jill sizes up the opposition for the Produce show.
  • Hazel seems subdued as they go on their tour of Lynda’s home, and admits that her childhood memories are not happy ones. When Jill and Ruth arrive, Lynda feels bound to invite them for lunch, too, and to Ruth’s annoyance, Jill accepts, but insists that they eat outside.
  • Ruth phones David for help in escaping from Ambridge Hall, but he’s not playing ball. We’ll manage fine, he says, we’ll have oven chips. Poor Ruth has one final brainwave. She ‘loses’ a precious earring, and everyone sets to work looking for it while Jill rushes off to the vegetable garden. The runner beans are weighted to make them grow straight.
  • Lynda and Hazel establish an unexpected rapport; both of them are step-mothers, and realise the difficulties of that role. But Hazel says she is content now. Well, says Lynda brightly, all’s well that ends well.

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