Julia causes havoc at Lower Loxley and Hazel causes havoc at Grey gables.

Radio Times: Things get out of control at Lower Loxley.

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  • Julia puts her creative talents to good use by completely ignoring Lizzie’s plans for the Americans, and buying in hogs from Tom, mediaeval musicians and jesters. Lewis does his best to restrain her, but in vain.
  • Lizzie rings home twice to make sure all is well, but Lewis manages to avoid telling her the truth. When Lizzie detects mediaeval minstrels in the background, she insists that the family return home forthwith to see what’s going on.
  • Caroline catches Hazel in the pool area without proper footwear, and persuades her to return to the bar. Icily, she suggests that they discuss Hazel’s request for the Royal Garden Suite in her office, but there’s no need. Hazel has already sorted it out with Roy; she’ll discuss it next week, from her suite.
  • Julia’s mediaeval evening has gone like a house on fire – literally. The piece de resistance was to be a trip by torchlight to the lake, but as Lewis picks up one of the burning brands, it sets off the fire alarm. Nigel and Lizzie reach Lower Loxley just in time to see the flashing lights of the Fire Brigade.

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