Julia is unrepentant. Kirsty tells Sam where he stands. David and Bert have a Boys’ Night Out.

Radio Times: Sam gets an ultimatum.

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  • David and Bert are taking Prince to the show, and as they finish off the preparations, Ruth tells David about events at Lower Loxley. David wonders how he’ll cope with having to share the trailer overnight with Bert.
  • Lewis feels like a guilty schoolboy after the fire alarm, but Julia is quite blasé about it. She even got all the Americans to sign the visitors’ book as they shivered on the lawn. Oddly, Elizabeth doesn’t seem to share Julia’s view of the matter.
  • While Hazel is out shopping, Peggy tries again to persuade Jack to grant her Power of Attorney. He becomes very distressed, and lets it slip that Hazel has already raised this. He tells Peggy that his mental state is a permanent worry to him, and Peggy, equally upset, agrees to drop the subject.
  • A rather nervous Sam takes Kirsty out for a meal, and tells her how much he enjoys her company. When he looks into her eyes and tells her how pretty she is, warning bells ring for Kirsty. She asks him what the situation is with Fliss, and when he says it’s practically over, she asks what that means. She would never do to Fliss what Tamsin did to her – so the ball is in Sam’s court. But she leaves Sam with a clear idea of how she feels about him.
  • As well as enduring the discomfort of a night in the trailer, David has to endure Bert’s moans and groans. But Bert does at least come up with a bright idea – a George Barford bridge.
  • Hazel returns very late to an angry Peggy. Caroline has been on the phone to ask, yet again, if Hazel will take another room as the Royal Garden Suite is booked. Haughtily, Hazel tells Peggy that Jack wants her to have the suite, and that’s what she intends to do.

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