Prince wins fourth prize but Hazel has her sights on a bigger prize – her father’s money.

Radio Times: Jack has plans for the future.

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  • It’s the morning after for David; fortunately Prince is in better shape ready for his turn in the show ring. Pip can’t come, nor Phil but the rest of the family are expected.
  • Hazel really knows how to irritate: she has turned up at Grey Gables very early, demanding that ‘her’ suite be made ready straight away. Caroline’s protestation that it will take a while is met with a suggestion that she needs to be more flexible. Peggy is most apologetic to Caroline; she had told Hazel to wait until after lunch.
  • At the show, as they wait for the Danish judge to deliberate, Jill insists that her enthusiasm to help out at Lynda’s event has nothing to do with Flower & Produce espionage!
  • Caroline tackles Jack about the basis for Hazel staying at Grey Gables: the hotel cannot afford to write off the cost. (One important client has already angrily gone elsewhere, probably permanently, because he was turned out of the Garden Suite.) Jack will settle her account monthly. Monthly! Is she staying that long?
  • It would appear that a rather undisciplined Prince has come fourth. David opts to skip the celebratory drink.
  • Alone with Jack, Hazel spins him a sob story about not repeating with her own children the mistakes of the past – being too busy building her business to give them the time they deserve. If only there was a way to get there more quickly. Jack wonders if he can help. Oh, but Hazel hadn’t thought of that – what sort of help did he have in mind?

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