Elizabeth’s temper is pushed to the limit by Julia. Neil has a warning for Tom.

Radio Times: Julia basks in her own glory.

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  • It’s Susan’s first day in her new job at The Laurels and, wouldn’t you just know it, her new mirror is being delivered today. With the benefit of hindsight she would not have ordered it! Anyway, Emma is content to house-sit; she has absolutely nothing else to do.
  • Julia finally manages to thrust the visitors book under Elizabeth’s nose to show her the comments about Thursday’s triumph, laced with comments about her superior flair and vision; she has lots of ideas to enhance coming events.
  • Emma is delighted to get a call from her friend Trish and, having checked that George can stay the night with her mum, looks forward to a night on the town with the girls.
  • At Home Farm, Neil is working uneasily with Tom to move the pig arks from Bridge Farm. There is the odd barbed comment about Susan being in a secure job with a stable employer – a nice change.
  • Julia has invaded Elizabeth’s computer to discover a couple of emails about Thursday; she will save Elizabeth the trouble of replying. Elizabeth wisely thinks of an excuse to go and visit Jennifer – anything to get away.
  • Neil has sold some weaners to a man from Pershore but is underwhelmed at the prospect of a regular order. He has some advice for Tom about his new partnership with Brian – he should make sure he is on the right side of that sort of partnership.

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