Peggy attempts to warn Jack about his daughter but the plan misfires.

Radio Times: Jack shows where his loyalties lie.

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  • Lynda has organised a village walk but has overlooked the fact that she is due to be working at the time. Now Roy is expected to sort something out at short notice.
  • Peggy confides in Jennifer over her fears about Hazel – poisonous woman; why is she here – certainly not to spend time with Jack. Jennifer suggest some gentle reminders about Hazel’s past behaviour and how out-of-character is her present conduct. Jack is lapping up her attention.
  • Over tea in the garden, Clarrie suggests that Emma might like to try her hand at gardening and maybe enter the Flower & Produce Show next year – or just eat some fresh vegetables. No way! There are a million things Emma would rather do.
  • One of the guests at Grey Gables has seen a parrot – Jack will be pleased! Roy is not best pleased to receive yet another call from Hazel about something that needs sorting out. Really, that woman! When Lynda reveals that she found Hazel charming, she gets the job of sorting her out next time she rings down for something.
  • Jack has come back from seeing Hazel, convinced that the cocktail menu needs updating. Peggy tries to tell him that he is vulnerable; Hazel might ask him for money but he assures her that he offered it. As Peggy tries to open Jacks eyes to Hazel’s whiles she gets deeper and deeper into trouble. Jack is disappointed in her; if she cannot say anything nice about Hazel, he would rather not hear another word.

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