Sam wrestles with his dilemma – an abundance of girl-friends.

Radio Times: Things start looking up for Tom.

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  • Brian has some good news for Tom: he thinks he has a local catering supplier interested in supplying Tom’s sausages to an up-market chain of pubs. Tom must get some sample packs to them.
  • Sam is dealing with a difficult calving but he doesn’t need David, who is off to an early Parish Council meeting and afterwards to watch the England vs. Northern Ireland match in The Bull.
  • Brian too has repaired to The Bull – to get away from Peggy talking to Jennifer about Hazel. David summarises the Parish Council meeting: he has been tasked with approaching Mike Tucker about being the new Tree Warden. The PC were all in favour of a “Barford Bridge” over Heydon Brook, as a memorial to George.
  • Tom pours out his troubles to Brenda in a rather crowded Bull. He gets nothing but dirty looks at home. At least, she feels, he will have learnt a lot by the experience.
  • Sam reports a successful calving – a bull calf unfortunately – but Ruth notices that he is rather subdued and offers a listening ear. He has been getting really friendly with Kirsty and things have not been the same with Fliss as they used to be. But does he still love her? Yes, he supposes so. If Kirsty had not made it clear that she would not be the “other woman”, he would happily have been a two-timer. Maybe it’s the distance, but does he really want to make a go of it with Fliss? ‘Auntie’ Ruth tells him he has a decision to make, so he had better see Fliss and talk things through.

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