Lilian has a cunning plan; Hazel’s is more cunning; Emma’s comes to nothing.

Radio Times: Peggy sizes up the enemy.

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  • Poor Peggy, she cannot win. Jack aggressively dismisses her suggestion about watching a video – he is not a child and can make his own choices. Lilian arrives and is offered a drink; rather than coffee, she would prefer a G & T, which Jack insists on getting. Peggy explains that he has been like this since she warned him about Hazel but he won’t see it. Lilian offers her a cunning plan and will sit with Jack while Peggy executes it, enjoying her drink – of coffee!
  • Emma is getting ready for her big night out in Brum and Will for a thrilling cricket quiz. Isn’t her dress a little revealing? He wishes he were coming too. Susan calls to collect George but, after a call from The Laurels, has to go to assist the police with enquiries into some missing money.
  • Peggy drags Hazel into a quiet corner and explains how distracted Jack has become. She is prepared to support his gift of money – if she will go back to America and not bother him again. Hazel, however, retaliates with the suggestion that she might move to Ambridge permanently and bring the family; she could run her Dad’s businesses leaving the dutiful Peggy (“St. Peggy of the Tea Urn”) free to look after him.
  • Peggy returns as Lilian is helping herself to something stronger than coffee. Make that two!
  • Susan returns after a false alarm and William returns after a disappointing quiz. It’s too late for Emma to go to Birmingham now: she has missed her lift. When he suggests that there will be plenty of opportunities, she unleashes the full force of her frustration; he hasn’t got a clue.

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