Hazel explains her plans to Jack; she will move in and take over.

Radio Times: Hazel plays her trump card.

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  • Jack is surprised to see Hazel. Who let her in? She has a key and has come to invite him to lunch, just the two of them.
  • Nigel has called at Ambridge Hall to discuss the Village Walk but, Lynda having polished the place to perfection in preparation for Borsetshire Life, his dog and his shoes have to stay outside. When Marcie, the reporter, turns up early, Nigel is hurriedly dismissed.
  • Back at Lower Loxley, Elizabeth is discovering the full extent of Julia’s madness when she was left in charge – a catering cost of £80 per head, £900 worth of medieval musicians and a caterer who will not deal with them again if Julia is involved. Nigel needs to speak to mummy.
  • The Borsetshire Life photo-shoot is proving a bit of a trial – for the photographer – as Lynda insists on all angles being covered, not to mention the garden.
  • Hazel entertains Jack to lunch (at his expense, of course) and lays out her plans: she shares his vision, glossing over the fact that much of the credit for the recent changes goes to Caroline and Roy. He must be realistic: isn’t it time he stepped back and enjoyed his retirement. She can help by relieving him of the burden of business. Jack finds the idea attractive but he will have to think about it. No rush!

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